Creating Flow


Flow is one of the key aspects which helps to turn a space into somewhere that is functional and has a natural current of movement. Where open planned living is now the fashion, the ability to create fluidity from one space to another is a valuable asset.

It can be achieved in many ways but the easiest way to input flow into a room is by using colour. This doesn’t have to be done by painting rooms, it can be in small simple ways: such as in the above picture where I have used hydrangeas to create flow from one area to another. Using flowers to input a statement colour into your home also means that the colour of the room can be changed as regularly as you want.

Texture is another way to achieve flow, using a linen table runner in a dining area that follows through to a living area with a linen sofa. Use one material consistently throughout a space but add different textures in each area so that there is still some distinction between the separate spaces.



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