Lesson One: Listen to your gut


I think for my first post I should just tell you about my background:

When it came to choosing my A Levels I made the mistake that many people make and I listened to my brain and my parents instead of my gut. For me this meant giving up on the dream of interior design and instead choosing sensible A Levels and taking a sensible non-risky degree in English.

Through out my degree in English Language and Linguistics (I know I know, what even is Linguistics?) all I wanted to do was quit, by this point I’d forgotten that I’d ever even wanted to do something creative. I just knew that what I was doing wasn’t making me happy. I came out of university with a 2:1 only to find out like so many other students that there wasn’t any jobs. Especially for a linguistics student.

I tried for ages to apply for sensible ‘adult’ desk jobs but I got nowhere and I ran out of money pretty quickly. This is where everything changed, in my desperation I applied for a job in retail – somewhere I said I’d never work after uni – for a well know interior designer. I started helping out with the shop displays here and there and I started to get back the creativity I’d lost whilst taking the sensible route. The manager and area manager loved my displays so much that they let me be responsible for the weekly shop displays, and this progressed to a point where I was officially offered the role of the visual merchandiser. My rock bottom had become my blessing. So here I am writing blog posts and uploading my portfolio, in the hope that I can salvage the dream that I threw away because I was too scared to listen to my gut and tell people what I wanted.



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